Halloween Kills: 10 Biggest WTF Moments

Some tricks, some treats, and a whole load of bloody murder in this divisive sequel.

Halloween Kills Michael Myers

WARNING: Major spoilers for Halloween Kills.

After what has felt like an eternity for horror fans, Halloween Kills has finally arrived in cinemas, and the response has been mixed, to say the least.

Some have praised its gruesome murder scenes, as well as its commitment to being a down-and-dirty slasher flick, whilst others have found its anaemic script and 'middle movie syndrome' trappings to be less than palatable.

Anyone who has seen the film is likely going to understand both sides of the argument, but whether or not you actually liked the movie, there's no denying that it's chock full of numerous scenes, moments, and shocks that have kept people talking about it over the last few days.

The film's notoriously high body count and countless buckets of gore have certainly gotten tongues wagging, but it is undoubtedly the progression of the story that has most people riled up. The Halloween fandom is a particularly vocal one, and many of this film's creative decisions have inspired immense amounts of ire. That being said, there's still plenty of fun moments and surprises found throughout that have no doubt delighted many - myself included.

So we're here today to chronicle the ten most shocking, sickening, and downright baffling moments from David Gordon-Green's latest chapter in the Halloween universe. Not every inclusion in this list is a negative, but there's certainly a lot that needs to be discussed in regards to this highly divisive film.

10. Hawkins Lives

Halloween Kills Michael Myers
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In one of the previous film's most contentious moments, Doctor Sartain stopped Sherrif Hawkins from killing Michael by stabbing him in the throat with a concealed weapon.

The twist reveal of Sartain being evil was rightfully chastised by fans and was seen as being nothing more than a plot device to bring Michael and Laurie together for the third act showdown. What stung the most though, was that a potentially great character like Hawkins was needlessly killed for such an arbitrary reason.

Or so we thought...

At the beginning of Halloween Kills, Hawkins is discovered in the middle of the road by Cameron. At a first glance, it would appear he's bled out, but he soon comes to and he's quickly rushed to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, where he spends the rest of the movie with Laurie at his bedside. The two of them sweetly recalling an unfulfilled night of passion that they shared many years previously.

Given the brutal nature of Sartain's attack, audiences were genuinely surprised to see that Hawkins had managed to survive, especially given his age and the sheer amount of blood he'd lost, but then again, this is a Halloween movie so anything is possible.

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