Harry Potter: 10 Evil Acts Committed By Gryffindors

10. Seamus Finnigan – Falsely Accused Harry Of Being A Liar

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Harry’s fifth year at Hogwarts was a struggle. As well as being tortured by Professor Umbridge during multiple detentions, he was seen by many as a mad attention-seeker who liked to cause trouble.

Influenced by the words of The Daily Prophet, Seamus did not believe Harry’s story about the Dark Lord’s return. And on the first day of their fifth year, the pair of them engaged in a heated argument which involved Seamus insulting both Harry and Dumbledore. Far from being brave, Seamus’s actions were cowardly as well as mean.

Thankfully, he changed his mind following Harry's interview in the Quibbler, which detailed Voldemort's return and the Deather Eaters who remained loyal to him. But it's still frightening how easily Seamus turned on someone who he had been friends with for the last four years.

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