Harry Potter: 10 Magical Potions With CRAZY Effects

Honestly, how useful is the ability to turn yourself into a pumpkin?

Harry Potter Professor Slughorn Felix Felicis
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Despite spells being the flashiest form of magic in the wizarding world, there are certain things that a charm or a hex just cannot accomplish, but a potion can.

Considering that wands are easily the most popular bit of merchandise for hardcore Potter fans to buy, as well as the fact that Potions class wasn't featured in the movies all that much, nobody seems to give potions the credit they deserve, even though they're capable of producing some rather astounding effects if brewed correctly.

And sure enough, in all forms of media - whether it's the movies, books, video games, mobile apps or even card games - the Potter universe is stuffed to the gills with some downright weird or ridiculously powerful (or both) cauldron concoctions.

Want to turn someone into your best friend? Make yourself older? Re-grow missing bones, or give your mortal enemy a pumpkin head? Well, you can't do any of those things in reality, so join us as we venture into the wizarding world and scout out some of the craziest potions that can be conjured up by residents of the magical community.

10. Hair-Raising Potion

Harry Potter Professor Slughorn Felix Felicis
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Effect: Makes the user's hair stand on end.

Seen In: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (novel), Harry Potter Trading Card Game, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

There are dozens upon dozens of potions within the wizarding world, some of which appear to have no use whatsoever. On that note, allow us to introduce you to the Hair-Raising Potion!

Mentioned in the Chamber of Secrets novel and seen in the Harry Potter Trading Card Game - as well as mobile app Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery - the recipe for the green-coloured concoction is actually taught to Hogwarts students in Potions class, even though it doesn't really seem to have a practical real-world use.

Sure, you could probably play a funny little prank on someone - or keep your head-hair permanently stood on end to negate the cost of buying hair products - but other than that, this is just a silly little potion with an oddly-specific and largely useless effect.

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