Harry Potter: 10 Terrible Acts Committed By Hogwarts Professors

10. Rubeus Hagrid – Instructed Harry And Ron To Follow The Spiders

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Towards the end of The Chamber of Secrets, Hagrid tells Harry and Ron to ‘follow the spiders’ into the Forbidden Forest.

Before long, the pair of them encounter a horde of blood-thirsty acromantulas led by Aragog. Though Harry and Ron learn some useful information from their venture into the forest, it’s a miracle they managed to escape. Had Mr Weasley’s Ford Anglia not turned up in the nick of time, the pair of them would have been eaten alive.

Hagrid – who has a soft spot for terrifying monsters – was completely ignorant to the fact that sending students into the forest might be a bad idea. Whilst his desire to care for all magical creatures is admirable, in this instance, his love of monsters nearly resulted in the deaths of Harry and Ron.

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