Harry Potter: 10 Worst Characters Introduced After The Philosopher's Stone

These characters deserved so much better!

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The Harry Potter series introduced us to a lot of characters and all of them had rich, complex stories. While the first book got us started off with some wonderful characters, the weird and wonderful inhabitants of the Wizarding World only got better as the series went on.

While the books gave us rich histories and a lot of time to develop these people and make them feel almost real, the films didn't have the luxury of time or budget to do everything that the books did and some characters were unfortunately left behind.

From recasts and rewrites to characters who didn't appear in the books at all, the films definitely took liberties with storytelling and the following are some of the greatest casualties of the translation from page to screen.

10. Frank And Alice Longbottom

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Frank and Alice Longbottom were Neville's parents who were tortured by the Lestrange's and Barty Crouch Jr. This brutal use of the Cruciatus Curse drove them over the edge and they lose their minds. It was a crime that saw the Death Eaters responsible locked up in Azkaban for life.

Frank and Alice never recovered and spent the rest of their days in St Mungos Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Neville often visited them with his grandmother and while they don't recognise him, Alice always gives him a bubblegum wrapper, which Neville always keeps.

It's such a tragic story and a beautiful emotional scene. It's devastating that it was cut and their appearance in the films was reduced to appearing in an old photo and being spoken about by other characters.

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