Harry Potter: 10 Worst Things Hermione Has Ever Done

We all love Hermione Granger, but she can be a pretty nasty piece of work sometimes...

Harry Potter
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Hermione Granger is a fundamentally good person. As well as being the most intelligent student at Hogwarts, she’s also a badass heroine with a firm moral compass. In fact, you could even make the argument she’s braver than Harry.

There are so many situations where she excels herself, and she’s a vital part of all the major conflicts throughout the series. If it wasn’t for Hermione, the forces of evil may well have been victorious.

But like all great characters, Hermione isn’t perfect. She has her flaws just like the rest of us, and sometimes, she does some pretty terrible things.

On several occasions, she completely misjudges the situation and ends up doing more harm than good. This is somewhat understandable, yet there are also several instances where Hermione’s behaviour is simply inappropriate. Arrogance and jealousy are Hermione’s worst vices, and when they take over, things can get ugly very quickly.

These instances aren't that common, all things considered. But there are still plenty of moments – particularly in the books – where Hermione neglects her king-hearted nature and reveals the more villainous side of her personality.

10. Acted Like A Bossy Know-It-All

Harry Potter
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It’s easy to forget just how annoying Hermione was at the start of Harry’s first year.

Determined to prove how intelligent she is, Hermione acts like a bossy know-it-all who’s obsessed with following rules. Whilst this does lead to a fair amount of humour – particularly when Ron’s involved – Hermione’s sanctimonious demeanour is infuriating for a large chunk of The Philosopher’s Stone.

‘… you mustn’t go wandering around the school at night, think of the points you’ll lose Gryffindor if you’re caught, and you’re bound to be. It’s really very selfish of you.’

The moment she arrives at the castle, Hermione is desperate to win over the teachers and prove how clever she is. There’s nothing wrong with being enthusiastic about school, but when enthusiasm bubbles over into arrogance, it isn’t pretty. Thankfully, Hermione grows out of her annoying attitude fairly quickly.

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