Harry Potter: 9 Obscure Movie Secrets That Took Years To Discover

One Slytherin member managed to get past McGonagal but not the law.

Harry Potter
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Whether it be Easter eggs that were simply overlooked or secrets that were unveiled via J.K. Rowling's Twitter account, Harry Potter has plenty of untold secrets across the film series.

From secret perforated eardrums to the troublesome Slytherins, Rowling has had plenty of fun slowly leaking some of the Potter truths over the years. Her Twitter account as well as the Pottermore page have served as the ultimate fountain of mythology for fans around the world.

In a made-up world filled with fantastical beasts and freaky moving staircases, there are bound to be a few unexplained elements. The secrets that Hogwarts contains are bountiful but over the years the drawbridge has been lowered slowly, revealing the truth behind the mystical and magical world of wizarding and what goes on behind closed set doors.

Let's take a look at some of the sneaky secrets that have managed to slither out of the Hogwarts set over the years. Hold on to your broomsticks because what we're about to tell you might just blow you away.

9. Rupert Wasn't Acting During The Aragog Scene

Harry Potter
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It turns out wizards aren't the only ones who are scared of spiders. In an interview that took place after the release of the film The Chamber of Secrets, Rubert Grint had a secret of his own that he revealed to the world.

What you may have thought was excellent acting in the Aragog was actually a genuine phobia that the actor was attempting to harness. His fear goes as far as making him check his shoes every morning to make sure there are no spiders. Maybe he checks his coffee for slugs too.

Which is worse, filming a scene with a bunch of spiders or having to throw up a whole load of slugs? Poor Rupert did not have it easy on the set of Harry Potter and has probably come away with a few new fears on top of the already existing ones. As it turns out, Weasley's fear of spiders stems from Rowling's fear of spiders in real life.

Could there be a spell for curing arachnophobia?

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