Harry Potter: 9 Obscure Movie Secrets That Took Years To Discover

8. Harry's Broken Glasses Weren't A Prop

Harry Potter
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Daniel Radcliffe was made to play Harry Potter. He’s just as clumsy when it comes to his glasses and ended up needing over 100 pairs to get through the filming. If he wasn’t losing them, he was sitting on them, stepping on them or simply taking them home for his own little Harry shrine. At first, he claimed to have stolen a few pairs but he revealed in an interview that they were actually given to him as a gift after filming

The broken glasses in the film were a very real prop and had over 160 stunt doubles. That's 160 pairs of broken glasses for 8 films. 20 pairs for every movie. If only ‘Oculus repairo’ worked in real life.

It has also since been revealed that at first Radcliffe was unable to wear the iconic glasses without breaking out in a mysterious rash. The frames of the glasses contained ingredients known as nickel that can be found in a lot of cheaply-made jewellery and eyewear. It took them a while, but they figured it out and Harry was given a very special pair of hypoallergenic glasses and the rash went away.

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