Harry Potter New TV Show: 25 Castings That Must Happen

24. Daniel Radcliffe And Bonnie Wright As Harry's Parents

Harry Potter TV Show reboot Matt Smith Lucius Malfoy
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Alright, this one might be controversial.

Some would no doubt consider this stunt casting and there is merit to that argument, but at the same time, casting Daniel Radcliffe and Bonnie Wright as James and Lily Potter would be a lovely way of passing the torch down to a new young cast.

It would also be a nice way to pay tribute to the film series - which defined millions of childhoods and delivered a largely wonderful cinematic rendering of the books - while also helping die-hard fans of the movies to be a bit more accepting of the reboot.

It's an unlikely bit of casting to be fair, especially in the case of Bonnie Wright, as she's focused on directing in the years since the films ended. But it would be pretty cool all the same.

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