Harry Potter Quiz: How Well Do You Know Fred And George?

Test your knowledge of the most iconic and beloved duo in the magical world.

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Fred and George were the masters of mischief. Throughout their years at Hogwarts they developed a reputation for being troublemakers and rule-breakers, as well as for having an unmatched knowledge of the castle and grounds.

Though they were far from popular amongst many of the staff members (especially Filch), they did possess plenty of talent.

The twins had a rare gift when it came to creating magical products, something which even Hermione praised on a number of occasions. After escaping from Umbridge’s tyrannical regime at Hogwarts, the twins injected their talents into the world of business, and became remarkably successful.

However, the Battle of Hogwarts brought a brutal end to this iconic duo, and though Ron did work alongside his elder brother several years later, the idea of George running the joke shop without his twin is a painful one.

Despite this tragic end, no one can deny the entertainment Fred and George brought to the Harry Potter series, both in the books and the movies.

How much can you remember about the Weasley twins?

1. How Old Were Fred And George When Harry Arrived At Hogwarts?


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