Harry Potter: You’ll Never Get 100% On This Forbidden Forest Quiz!

Could you survive a stroll in Hogwarts’ most terrifying forest? Take this quiz and find out.

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Throughout the Harry Potter series, we enter the Forbidden forest in almost every book and a big reason why these characters journey through it so many times, is because its' J.K. Rowling's favourite part of the Hogwarts ground. It houses a vast number of creatures and is a key-point in almost every book's plot.

The forest covers an enormous part of the Hogwarts ground. There are some paths and clearings when you first walkthrough, but once you get deep enough they disappear, and everything turns dark because the trees become thicker and thicker, covering any life that could come in. Over the years, a few Hogwarts students disappeared inside the forest never to be found again.

The Forbidden Forest plays host to all manner of mysteries, including a number of scary and mysterious beasts, or sometimes just misunderstood, creatures. From innocent unicorns to definitely-not-so-innocent Acromantula, Hogwarts’ most fearsome woodland has it all. But if you were confined to detention in there, would you get through unscathed?

Are you ready to illuminate how not-so-forbidden that forest really is? Harry went there all the time! For a supposedly forbidden forest, Harry and his friends sure do spend a lot of time there.

Let's test your knowledge on this 100% do-not-go-there-place that skirts the edges of Hogwarts, and see if you get spit out as Centaur food or turn out to be the perfect Unicorn spotter.

Get your wands and lanterns ready. Have fun with your detention!

Answers are at the end!

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