Hellboy Reboot: 8 Things We Want From The Big Red Revival

Blood by the barrelful.

David Harbour Hellboy

The fans wanted a third Guillermo Del Toro movie so badly, but we'll have to make do with a reboot instead.

Surely an all-new Hellboy is better than no Hellboy at all, and since series creator Mike Mignola has given the project its blessing, surely it deserves ours too.

Some will find it harder to stomach the notion of a reboot than others, as fan-favourite Ron Perlman has been replaced as the titular demon anti-hero; but David Harbour could turn out to be a worthy successor. Stranger things have happened.

Neil Marshall, who directed Dog Soldiers and The Descent, is helming the project based on a screenplay from Andrew Cosby, Christopher Golden and Mignola himself.

Mignola and Marshall have promised us an R-rated movie where the blood flows freely and CGI is at a minimum - so far, so good.

Little else is know about the project besides its working title 'Rise of The Blood Queen' which as good as confirms the witch Nimue as our antagonist and suggests an adaptation of the Darkness Calls and Wild Hunt comic stories is on the cards.

Again, that's all perfectly fine, but here are eight others things we want from the Hellboy reboot.

8. Retelling The Origin Story Is Perfectly Fine

David Harbour Hellboy
Columbia Pictures

Origin stories are reviled in the world of comic book movies, and with good reason.

How many more times do we have to see Batman's parents gunned down in a dark alley or watch that radioactive spider take a bite out of Peter Parker?

But Hellboy is a different proposition. For one, his backstory is nowhere near as well known as that of your Marvel and DC A-listers, and let's no forget we've only seen it on screen once before - way back in 2004, and even then it was glossed over.

Hellboy's origin story is a compelling one involving Nazi occultists during World War II, inter-dimensional portals and the fall of Rasputin, so there's plenty of scope to tell an expanded version of it in the upcoming reboot.

This approached worked well enough for Batman Begins, didn't it?


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