The Hobbit: 10 Ridiculous Details You Probably Missed

There's more to the trilogy than meets to eye.

While the Hobbit prequel trilogy hasn€™t quite disappointed on the same level that Star Wars managed, it has been rather unspectacular. A slow and unenthusiastic start with An Unexpected Journey was followed up by the better, if somewhat silly, The Desolation Of Smaug last year with the finale coming on 12th December. Although the magic of the original trio may be missing in the two films so far, as a result of poorer scripts, too much CGI and strange story choices, there is no denying that Peter Jackson is a master at world building. The Lord Of The Rings trilogy was renowned for such creation, with massive amounts of detail being thrown into miniscule details that often couldn€™t even be seen without pausing the film and looking very closely. For example, if you pause during an orc battle scene you will notice the numerous varieties of helmets, all of which denote a family€™s standing within the Orcan culture, while the production crew spent a year making chain mail by hand, just for it to sit underneath armour and barely be seen. Sadly, that same level of detail doesn€™t seem to have been copied over into the world of the Hobbit, where CGI appears to rule supreme instead. Just look at the decision to replace the beautiful and intricately designed version of Bolg with the cool, but ultimately disappointing CGI model. Having said all of that, Peter Jackson didn€™t completely abandon his love of world building in the Hobbit films that have already been released, and it is likely that there will be a whole host of interesting tidbits to be found in The Battle Of The Five Armies. With that in mind, let us take a look at 10 ridiculous details you probably missed in the films, and be warned, there are spoilers to be had from this point, just in case you haven€™t seen the films yet.
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