The Hobbit: 10 Ridiculous Details You Probably Missed

10. Axe Head

This is one that many will have missed in the original viewing, and only clear photos like the above one demonstrate it entirely. We are of course speaking about the axe lodged into Bifur€™s head. In the book the character doesn€™t suffer from such an injury but it was added into the film as an explanation for the character only speaking in Dwarvish. According to actor William Kircher, who plays the dwarf, his character was €œa reasonable okay guy but unfortunately he's turned into a bit of a maniac. He's a bit mentally challenged €” only because of the axe. He's totally unstable and in a fight he just goes insane, especially with the trolls." We actually get to see that madness in the sequence where the group fight a trio of trolls, with the dwarf taking his head and ramming it into a troll leg axe end first. It€™s not hard to imagine that we€™ll be seeing some more of that instability during The Battle Of The Five Armies in which battling with goblins will be a prevalent issue.
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