How Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Became The Best Superhero Film Since The Dark Knight

9. The Animation

Spider Man Into The Spider Verse

Very few animated superhero films get the credit they deserve. With one notable exception being The Incredibles, most animations are swept under the radar, regardless of quality. Because of this, it was incredibly important for Into The Spider-Verse to create a unique animated experience or else it would likely have been undervalued by many. Thankfully the animation is some of the best ever seen.

Considering the obvious comic book origins of Spider-Man, the animators went all in on creating one of the most authentic comic book experiences in cinematic history. Every frame of the film oozes character and there are almost too many little homages to count. The time and effort into creating a unique yet similar alternate universe shows.

The animation for the action scenes is equally fantastic. The incredibly imaginative action utilises the dimension destroying narrative to paint some of the most imaginative action set pieces in recent memory such as the multiple spider men battling inside Kingpin's collider.


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