How to Be a Movie Snob in 5 Easy Steps

Step 4. Always Assume You are Smarter Than Everyone Else

Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but always bear in mind that your opinion is more righter than anyone else€™s. It did, after all, come from you. If someone wants to play pretend and ACT like they have a different interpretation than yours, and that they have all kinds of well-thought out examples and reasoning behind them, well, don€™t worry. Let your arguer have his fun. Always treat your audience like they have the intellects of children. It is OK for them to not be working on the same intellectual level as you, you wouldn€™t expect anything more.

Always assume that they haven€™t seen as many films as you have, that they haven€™t read as much as you have, that they weren€™t paying attention as closely as you were. Always be sure in the belief that what you thought is inherently superior, and therefore everyone else is just PRETENDING like they are independent thinkers, and that sooner or later they will call the game off and tell you just how right you were the whole time.

Always be sure in the belief that what is important to you is important to everyone else. And if it doesn€™t seem that way, it only means that your fellow filmgoers simply haven€™t caught up to the hyper-speed rates at which you process information. Don€™t fret. Let them prattle on about this and that. Don€™t even bother paying attention to what anyone else is saying. Just wait until a lull, and then forcefully bring things back to what YOU think. That is, after all, the most important thing.
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