How You Can Tell The Magic Of Star Wars Is Gone

It's just not the same.

Kylo Ren Sad

Have you noticed how it's impossible to really talk about the state of Star Wars without it devolving into a mess of fan expectations, corporate intentions and cultural importance?

Star Wars, the movie whose creator from day one lobbied to secure the merchandise rights so he could get a slice of the plastic pie, feels more corporatised and commercialised than ever. Largely coming from that four billion dollar deal back in 2012 - the one that made the arbiter of Star Wars' destiny someone other than George Lucas - it's been a wild and incredibly interesting ride since.

What we have now is the result of one of the world's biggest conglomerates getting their hands on, as it must be reiterated, possibly the biggest entertainment property ever.

Analysing the current feeling of emptiness is hard to put your finger on until you dissect the factors why.

Star Wars certainly isn't dead, but it's arguably close to flatlining, and in such a way where many of the accompanying family members will swear blind that "Everything's gonna be alright!!"... just as the remainder call for the nurse.

Let's begin at the end...

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