The Human Centipede 3: 4 Reasons Tom Six Is Going To Make You Sick

Human Centipede 3 Is there a grosser franchise than The Human Centipede? I certainly don't think so. While the first film presented a concept only a madman or a mad genius could come up with, the second movie was one of the hardest experiences in modern cinema to get through, and provocatively so. Human Centipede 2 has power, but crikey is it disgusting: from minute one to minute eighty seven, you'll be feeling like your lunch is going to work its way up and out. Not much has been written about the third film, but what is fundamentally not up for question is that it's happening. Maybe this is due to the wayward commitment of the loyal fanbase of Human Centipede lovers out there (incredibly, they really do exist) or maybe it's because Tom Six just needs to get these sick ideas out of his crazy and probably brilliant mind. Not much has been revealed about the film except a few name actors and the fact that Six's story might mess with the story the same way the second did and could break the fourth wall. Oh, and there's going to be a human centipede consisting of more than five hundred people. You really can't make this stuff up. Only Tom Six can, and he's setting his stall out early to make sure his audience's guts respond to his threequel. And here's why he will undoubtedly succeed.

4. Have You Actually Seen Human Centipede 2?!


If you've seen Human Centipede 2 you already know the reasons that the third film is going to churn our stomachs. The second movie acknowledged the first and introduced one of the creepiest characters of cinema: Martin. Laurence R. Harvey played the sick security guard, and while he doesn't speak a word in the movie, just looking at Martin is enough to make your skin crawl. To top it all off, Six shot the film in black and white, which makes every sick thing that happens in the movie feel even more sick thanks to that medium's inherent ability to add an aesthetic gloss to images. Even those as graphic and disturbing a Six's. Centipede Gif Gif The real stomach churning comes from Six's depiction of insanity and brutality in the movie. Despite leaving most to the imagination in the first story, the director goes all out in this one and puts other torture porn movies to shame (if that's possible). Watching Martin duct tape and staple people together to create his own giant centipede is horrifying. Plus there's no heart to the film, and even less restraint: the violence just keeps coming and it gets harder and harder to watch. If you didn't think the amateur surgery was enough, then wait till the final ten minutes and you'll see the only moment in film to ever really make me feel like puking.

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