The Human Centipede 3: 4 Reasons Tom Six Is Going To Make You Sick

3. The Biggest Human Centipede... Ever...

Human Centipede 2

Five hundred people. 500. Five, zero, zero. Six seems to be in a competition with himself (who else would play?) to see who can make the biggest and most disgusting human centipede. He's a winner and a loser at the same time. The first Human Centipede showed one consisting of three people, and the second upped the amount and the bloodshed. Now Six seems to have no qualms about making an exploitation movie. He's embracing the genre and exploiting the exploitation. Watching as Martin haphazardly put twelve people together was hard enough to stomach, so just thinking about five hundred people is enough to get even the most iron of stomaches churning ominously. What really guarantees that this human centipede is going to make our stomachs churn is thinking about the progression the movies have made. First there was Dr. Hieter who at least had some surgical skill, but was a madman. Then there was Martin who was a madman above all else. The next beat in that progression is not something that makes me calm or relaxed. Especially when Tom Six teases everyone with the fact that five hundred people will fall victim to his wrath.

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