The Hunger Games: 8 Things They Got Wrong From The Book

8. The Origin And The Purpose Of The Mockingjay Pin

Mockingjay Featured In the novel, Katniss receives the mockingjay pin moments before leaving District 12. Madge, the mayor€™s daughter, rushes in to offer her final farewell, insisting Katniss take the pin. Madge explains the tributes are allowed to wear one token from home in the arena; she quickly gets Katniss to promise the pin will be her token. The mockingjay is the result of a €œmuttation€ that backfired against Capitol, so this token represents both the support of Katniss€™ District as well as the District€™s rejection of Capitol. Wearing the pin in the arena asserts Katniss as a piece in a larger movement; it is vital to her development as the face of the rebellion. The film, on the other hand, must be mocking us by simplifying this symbol. In the film, the mockingjay pin is a trinket Katniss finds in the market. She gives it to her little sister, Prim, as a good luck charm. Of course, Prim returns the pin before Katniss leaves the District for the Hunger Games. In essence, the pin becomes a symbol for the support of Katniss€™ family, rather than her district. If we€™re pinning down the real issue here, however, it€™s that the pin is not even visible on Katniss in the arena. The pin rests on Katniss€™ undershirt as Cinna zips the arena attire overtop. Cinna puts his finger to his lips, shushing Katniss as the pin is pressed against her heart. Family pokes at the heart of Katniss, but this change stabs at the heart of the story. In terms of the pin, the love of Katniss€™ family is present, but the support of the District and the growth of the rebellion are completely hidden.

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