Hunter Killer Review: 3 Ups & 5 Downs

So bad it's good, or just plain bad?

Hunter Killer Gary Oldman Gerard Butler
Summit Entertainment

Though awards season is very much in full swing, that doesn't mean audiences are left totally deprived of more "escapist" tentpole entertainment this time of year.

As such, Gerard Butler's new submarine thriller Hunter Killer hit UK cinemas this past week and releases in the US this week, and it's...pretty much exactly what you think it is.

Scarcely screened in advance for critics, the throwback blockbuster has scored mostly scathing notices from the press, mostly living down to everything the trailer suggested it would be.

If you're after an occasionally so-bad-it's-good action thriller, though, there are some giggles to be had, even if you might be left wishing the movie leaned into its silliness a little more eagerly throughout.

Nobody would blame you for missing it at the cinema, especially during this busy period of the movie calendar, but if you're stuck looking for something to watch on Netflix in six months' time, it might make for acceptable background noise. A back-handed compliment? You bet...


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