Independence Day: 10 Easter Eggs You Didn't Notice

2. Jeff Goldblum's Sick (Again)

Independence Day20th Century FoxThere's a weird trait that tends to follow through on multiple Jeff Goldblum characters, and it's that of "sickness." Even if it isn't a conscious decision on the part of all the filmmakers who have opted to make sure that any given Jeff Goldblum character suffers from a type of sickness at some point in their movie, it's hilarious that so many have granted the actor with such a trait, time and time again. And guess what, folks? Independence Day is no different! So you'll recall that, to increase the tension somewhat, Goldblum's character - David Levinson - suffers from "air sickness," because that makes it more hilarious when he has to fly in an alien spaceship later in the film, see? But think back to a variety of other Goldblum movies, and you'll discover that this is something of a running gag. He suffers from sea sickness in The Right Stuff, after all, motion sickness in The Fly, and a general kind of sickness in Jurassic Park!

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