Iron Man 3: 10 Things That 100% Don't Happen

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 has finally begun screening around the world over the last few days, which means that the Internet has become a feeding ground for spoiler fiends (especially if you use Google translate to work out what the French critics are saying). Checking on IMDB and various other film message boards along with Twitter will reveal reactions to the film as well as the beans being spilled on the most crucial plot elements. It goes without saying that we're going to be straying into spoiler territory from here on out to a degree, going by what those who have seen the film have actually been able to say. So yes, this is a final spoiler warning. The rumours have been running rampant, and now we're able to debunk the 10 biggest ones that have been floating around the web.

10. Guardians Of The Galaxy Cameo

Guardians of the Galaxy All evidence has been pointing to the fact, namely by way of some quotes from Robert Downey Jr. himself, that Iron Man would end up meeting The Guardians of the Galaxy in Iron Man 3, and this would help kick-start the MCU Phase 2. Through all the murmurs we've heard that Marvel are trying to bring all of their properties closer together, it would make sense that in IM3, the pieces would begin to fall into place in this manner. However, that doesn't happen in Iron Man 3. The Guardians of the Galaxy don't make even a whiff of an appearance, nor do they show up in the post-credit scene according to several people who insisted that they waited until the curtain raised (and then some).

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