Iron Man 3: 10 Things You Might Have Missed

Tony Iron Man 3 kicked off 2013€™s blockbuster season brilliantly, with a sharp script and fresh performance from Robert Downey Jr. at its (arc reactor powered) heart. Marking the start of Marvel€™s daring Phase 2, the film came with a lot of required pre-knowledge. There€™s three films that have already starred Tony Stark (four if you count a brief cameo at the end of The Incredible Hulk) and three more that need to be seen to fully understand one of those (The Avengers), making this simultaneously the third, fourth and seventh in an impressive series. Deserving equal praise for its accurate portrayal of PTSD and thoughtful look at terrorist hysteria, the film works incredibly well as both a standalone effort, as well as a rounding off of Tony Stark€™s journey. The film has proved to be a massive success, collecting three quarters of a billion dollars within two weeks of release (and only one in the US) and garnering generally positive reviews from critics. But while many of you have seen it, there€™s a lot of wonderful subtle references and in-jokes hidden in what will likely be the biggest movie of the summer that you could easily have missed the first time around. So sit back and enjoy ten things in Iron Man 3 that might have passed you by. Clearly spoilers for Iron Man 3 ahead. Proceed with caution.

Honourable Mention: Dr. Yinsen Returns

Yinsen Obviously this is a massive hidden gem in Iron Man 3. At a New Years Eve party circa 1999, we bump into none other than Tony€™s original saviour Dr. Yinsen, years before their abduction. This point was, however, already covered in T.J. Barnard€™s encyclopaedic article on Marvel Easter Eggs, so I decided not to repeat it here, instead giving you ten new and exciting facts. So click next and learn some exciting things about Iron Man 3 you didn€™t know before.

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