Is Michael B. Jordan's Killmonger Returning For Black Panther 2?!

We might be seeing more of one of the MCU's best villains.

Marvel Studios

Black Panther 2 is currently in early development as part of plans for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 4, and one of the MCU's best villains, Eric Killmonger, could surprisingly be a part of the sequel.

With Black Panther a billion-dollar hit and awards season success, it's no surprise Marvel are moving forward with a sequel, or that they'd want to keep most of the same cast and crew involved. Angela Bassett (who played T'Challa's mother, Ramonda) and her husband Courtney B. Vance spoke to Entertainment Tonight, where they dropped hints of who would be returning - including Michael B. Jordan's Killomonger. When asked if the whole cast would be back, Bassett replied "I would assume so," before Vance added:

"Yes, just go ahead and say it, yes! Everyone will be there, including Michael B."


Bassett didn't go on to confirm that, but did reiterate that we never saw him go into the ocean as requested at the end of Black Panther, meaning the door is open for him to return.

It'd be a shame to undo his death, but Black Panther has already established ways dead characters can appear, with the potential for Killmonger to be part of the astral plane. Jordan's character was so popular that it wouldn't be too shocking for Marvel to find a way to bring him back. Black Panther 2 is still a long way off - with a release date of 2021 looking likely - so it'll probably be a while yet before we get any concrete news on this front.


Do you want to see Killmonger return in Black Panther 2? Let us know down in the comments.

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