It Chapter 1 & 2: Every Monster Explained & Ranked

19. The Pomeranian

Vampire Pomeranian Blade
New Line Cinema

At least one of the monsters in It's armoury is a bit of a joke as the creature uses cuteness to lull Eddie and Richie into false comfort in the second movie. When they're presented with three doors marked Scary, Not Scary At All and Extremely Scary they opt for the latter first believing it to be a double bluff trick.

Naturally it's not, but when they then subsequently open the Not Scary At All door, they're presented with a normal pomeranian. The pair coo over the dog, which is absolutely adorable, until the inevitable happens and it transforms into a Five Nights At Freddy's style grotesque monster with barely any look of a dog any more.

It's a funny rug pull, but the demon dog looks a bit too cartoonish to be really scary.

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