It's another year, which means more Lethal Weapon 5 talk!

a year ago tomorrow, we reported the news that a new Lethal Weapon movie was in the early stages of development with Mel Gibson (who was going through those anti-semitic drunk driving charges) in talks to reprise the character of Martin Riggs for a fifth time. This was seen by many as way for Mel to ease his way back into the public eye after his crazy antics last Summer but then in October when Apocalypto was shaping up to be something special, he came up with the following quote...

€œOh no, I don€™t want to go there again€oh boy was that done to death. I just want to do things that really give me a kick€.
And that was that. Lethal Weapon 5 was dead and there has been no further talk about it. Until now... Just like last year, reports on the web suggest that a Lethal Weapon 5 is in the early stages of development over at Warner Brothers because they see interest in reprising the franchise after the success of things like Rocky, Die Hard and inevitably Indiana Jones doing the same thing. Richard Donner, the director of all four previous films is said to have a script or an outline of a story that he is happy with but the chances of it being made without the involvement of Mel Gibson are pretty much zero. Would Gibson come back? His comments last year would suggest not but who knows? After the double header of the heavy hitters Apocalypto and The Passion of the Christ, maybe a couple of months doing something fun and re-living the past might be something that he finds appealing. I'd say why not Mel, you can always come back and do another epic film afterwards if it didn't go down well. Oh and I don't think we need to discuss whether Danny Glover would return or not. If Mel's in, you can bet he would be too.


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