James Bond: 10 Most Hated Characters In The Series

Goldeneye Boris

From the moment you see the iconic gun barrel scene and hear the crash of John Barry's score, you know that you are part of cinematic history. For the past 50 years 007 has graced our screens in 23 outings, earning over $6 billion and becoming the second most successful film franchise of all time (out done by Harry Potter). But whilst Harry Potter has dragons, duels and Dumbledore he lacks Mr Bond's one liners, womanising and down right outlandish characters. You have the good (Moneypenny), the bad (Auric Goldfinger) and then there's the ugly (Jaws).

Whilst Fleming, Broccoli and all those since have created some of the most infamous characters in fiction, they do occasionally drop the bomb with some clanging monsters you just can't bear to watch. Whilst you can forgive ridiculous names such as Pussy Galore, there are some characters you either love to hate, or simply just can't believe ever made it past the drawing board.

Grab your Walther PPK, take aim and 'prepare to die Mr. Bond' in our 10 most hated James Bond Characters (in film order)


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