James Bond: 7 Awesome Villains Clearly Too Good For Their Movie

Quantum of Solace James Bond villains are an essential part of the 007 film franchise. While some are rather forgettable and there are some villains who we wish we could forget entirely, there are a few who stand the test as being Bond equals. Standing with Bond as characters of classic cinema and a large part of a historical franchise, they have proven themselves relentless, evil and superior in their own ways. In fact, without these supervillains, James Bond would not be the beloved franchise we enjoy with such relish today. To celebrate Bond villains in all their glory, here are the 7 greatest villains to have challenged James Bond 007 so far (and who were, as a result, probably to good for their respected movies)...

7. Christopher Walken As Max Zorin - A View Too A Kill (1985)


It's Christopher Walken. How can it be bad? Seriously, his performance as rogue KGB agent Max Zorin is exceptional in the Bond universe. He carries himself with a strength and bearing that equal 007's, while at the same time being charismatic and completely psychotic. He commands respect while on screen, and he is a true mirror for James Bond. This puts Zorin ahead of his counterparts in a way that is both off putting, and yet completely mesmerizing all at once. Zorin is an ex-communist with an appreciation for the finer things capitalism has to offer. Seeking to emerge from his former handlers shadow, he plots a "hostile takeover" of Silicon Valley.

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