James Bond: Every Roger Moore Movie Ranked Worst To Best

7. A View To A Kill (1985)

Eon Productions

By the time Moore’s seventh and final Bond film came along, it was clear that his historic reign as 007 must come to an end. At 58 years old, Sir Roger could no longer convince as Her Majesty’s finest and toughest. What’s more, with the tired recycling of previous films on display in A View to a Kill, the need for a shakeup was more evident than ever.

The opening snowboard stunts are tarnished by the infamous use of a Beach Boys cover song, and things hardly improve from that point onwards. Bond tackles a genetically enhanced madman who schemes to take control of the microchip market by nefarious means. The basic plot is a pale imitation of Goldfinger that suffers from the comparison to the immensely superior film.

Christopher Walken’s cackling superhuman is one of the brightest spots, however, frequently taking sweet relish in his villainy. Bolstered by the ferocious May Day at his side, no-one could accuse AVTAK of featuring unmemorable villains. Duran Duran’s title track is also one of the very best tunes in Bond’s storied musical history, with fans still dancing into the fire 32 years later.

Unfortunately, with the film’s uninspired plot, hapless shrieking Bond girl, flat action sequences, largely dull locations and formulaic storytelling, it’s hard to argue A View to a Kill as anything better than Moore’s very worst. Timothy Dalton would usher in a short-lived era of a Bond more faithful to Ian Fleming’s literary creation, but you’d be forgiven for wishing it began one film earlier.

Best Moore Moment: Sir Roger, more than any other Bond, was always tickled by the inherent absurdity of 007 as an internationally recognised secret agent, so infiltrating Zorin’s estate under the guise of “James St. John Smythe” is only too fitting. Possibly the most conspicuous cover name imaginable, and one that immediately stands out on any guest list, St John Smythe is a name that Bond is frequently forced to repeat for understandably suspicious witnesses.


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