James Bond: Every Sean Connery Movie Ranked Worst To Best

6. You Only Live Twice

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You Only Live Twice may actually be the weakest film but it just about edges it over Never Say Never Again as it neither feels like a TV movie or ends with Connery winking at the camera. The film feels like an awkward attempt at a fish out of water comedy as Bond attempts to navigate his way around Japan committing all the faux pas you can imagine.

In a series which frequently deals in misogyny, racism (or at the very least ‘cultural insensitivity') can be added to the mix in this instalment as Bond undergoes a process to make him look Japanese. This was a genuine plot point. Imagine the sequence in Team America: World Police where they make a white undercover agent look Middle Eastern by roughly smothering him with mud but with none of the parody.

One of the more intriguing aspects of the otherwise standard finale, as two large groups of men slowly slug each other around the face for five minutes, is the revelation of Ernst Stavro Blofeld after teasing him for the previous two films. However, after all the build up Bond and his arch nemesis barely get two minutes of screen time together before Blofeld escapes to safety.


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