James Bond: Ranking The 007 Actors From Worst To Best

6. George Lazenby


After five movies as 007, Sean Connery decided to step away from the Bond franchise, which led to the unknown and unproven Australian actor George Lazenby being cast as his replacement. While he certainly looked the part in a tuxedo, Lazenby was very limited as an actor and brought none of the charisma and screen presence to the role that had become synonymous with the character under his predecessor.

Originally offered a seven-movie contract, Lazenby quickly decided that he would only play the iconic character once, and remains the only actor to do so in the established Eon canon. Partly because of that, Lazenby is definitely the most forgettable Bond; one-dimensional and wooden, the actor is way out of his depth in his big-screen debut, despite the movie being one of the more underrated entries in the long-running series.

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