Javier Bardem Confirms He Is In Talks To Play BOND 23 Villain

What's the most you have ever lost on a coin toss, Mr. Bond? According to Woody Harrelson he might be comparable to the bubonic plague and now the cold-eyed Anton Chigurh himself could be set to go toe-to-toe with Britain's most famous spy, Daniel Craig's 007. After news was first leaked on Sunday night, Oscar winning Spanish actor Javier Bardem has now confirmed to The L.A. Times that he has held talks with director Sam Mendes over playing a villain in the 23rd James Bond film that will shoot this fall.
"I€™d be playing Bond's nemesis, yes... but it's not that obvious. Everything is more nuanced. It's very intriguing... They're changing the whole thing, the whole dynamic."
Talk about intriguingly cryptic! More nuanced then, I guess, means more subtle and less obvious? Perhaps then Bardem is being setup as a villain at MI:5 or the CIA - maybe a Government villain who won't get his comeuppance at the end? Is he the new Blofeld, or is that completely the opposite of nuanced? A guessing game is probably futile for now. Bardem does reveal however that he is a huge fan of the James Bond saga and is just awaiting the script from Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan to fall into his lap before he decides if he wants to commit (but it sounds like that's where it is heading towards).
€œI€™m a huge fan of the James Bond saga... When I was little, I went watching Mr. Connery doing James Bond with my father. Who in the world would think I€™d be in one of those movies?€
Does that mean then that he's out for The Dark Tower, the first film of the epic Stephen King adapted film and t.v. saga at Universal/NBC which will be shooting around the same time as the still untitled Bond 23, or is the Bond role something Bardem could fit in regardless? Who knows but maybe it's useful to note that Bardem was quick to talk to the press just days after being linked with Bond but as yet hasn't waxed lyrical about his life long love of The Dark Tower.

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