Jeff Goldblum: 5 Awesome Performances & 5 That Sucked

Fly, hot geek... ACTION HERO?!

Jeff Goldblum Independence Day Resurgence
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Classifying what "type" of actor Jeff Goldblum is is a fool's errand: he's one of those intriguing, enigmatic faces whose castings are invariably exciting, just as they are invariably surprising. Consider his next big project: playing puppet master to Hulk and Thor in Ragnarok as the Grandmaster, which he will make sometime around the next Wes Anderson project.

He's a darling of quirky film-makers like Anderson for exactly the reason he's been cast as the Grandmaster: his delivery, his ethos and his screen majesty are all slightly other-worldly. There's an intangible, confident oddness that has burrowed into the collective consciousness even as he played action heroes in two massive sci-fi franchises.

He's a poster boy for difference, never so much as adapting to the genres he hops as leaving an impervious, Jeff Goldblum shaped imprint on them. And while that could sound like the opposite of an endorsement of his acting skill, he shows surprising range and incredible complexity across his CV.

While it hasn't been exactly welcomed by critics, this week sees the release of the second Independence Day - a franchise that helped launch Goldblum as a sex symbol and blockbuster brand - and his eccentric performance has been labelled one of the few positives. So with that in mind, he is the perfect subject for this week's Awesome/Sucked column.

First off, the awesome performances that made Goldblum one of Hollywood's most interesting figures...

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