Joel Edgerton: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

Checking out the highlights and lowlights from Hollywood's latest, greatest Australian import.

Ever since Mel Gibson made a splash with the first Mad Max film, Hollywood has had an ongoing love affair with actors who have cut their teeth in Australasian movies and television. While the success of some seems inexplicable (Jai Courtney lacks any obvious talent) others have brought a great deal to the cinematic table. Joel Edgerton is undoubtedly one of the most talented to have emerged from the region, turning out a number of intelligent and effective performances since he first appeared in a small role in the Star Wars prequels. Possessing rugged good looks and world-weary eyes which add layers of intensity to his best performances, of all the Australasian actors working in Hollywood today he's one likely to go far. Equally adept behind the camera as he is in front of it, his new film The Gift, which he wrote, produced and directed as well as taking on a lead role, is due out this weekend. A dark, psychological thriller starring Jason Bateman, it has already received rapturous reviews, with one critic describing it as "damn near perfect for his feature debut." Like most actors, Joel Edgerton's career hasn't always been on the up, and while many of his performances have been exceptional, others have left something to be desired. To mark the release of The Gift here are 5 awesome Joel Edgerton performances and 5 that sucked...

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