Joker: Every Easter Egg & Reference We Spotted

Did you spot all these nods?

Joker Joaquin Phoenix.jpg
Warner Bros.

The long-awaited standalone Joker movie is finally out in cinemas this week, and per our own Simon Gallagher's review, it's pretty damn great.

And while Todd Phillips has delivered a decidedly grittier, more stripped down comic book movie - if you can even call it that - than we're used to, that doesn't mean the customary Easter eggs and references have fallen entirely by the wayside.

Yes, Joker is more concerned with vacuum-sealing audiences inside a totally believable, grounded Gotham City, but the film nevertheless indulges in its fair share of well-placed fan-service, as well as countless allusions to the realities of 1981 America.

Between Phillips' obvious stylistic and thematic inspirations, not to forget the delicate tips of the hat to both Batman and the wider pop-culture sphere, Joker is a deeply literate and savvy movie while also daring to be a captivating and bold character study.

Keep your eyes and ears firmly peeled, though, because some of these cameos and references sure are sneaky...


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