Joker Solo Movie: 10 Origin Stories It Could Adapt

7. Lovers And Madmen

The Joker Heath Ledger
DC Comics

In 2009, writer Michael Green became the latest Batman author to take a stab at the immortal question of who the Joker was before he became Gotham City's very own Clown Prince of Crime.

The Lovers and Madmen arc depicts Mister J as a master bank robber with genius-level intellect, who can pull off a heist all too easily.

No longer challenged by bank jobs, he starts to grow bored, until his first encounter with Batman gets his juices flowing again and gives him the adversary he was craving.

You know how he got those scars in this story? It was a Batarang to the chops which gave him his gruesome Glasgow smile, followed by that chemical bath writers are so fond of dunking him in.

Whether a Loves and Madmen adaptation would work on screen depends on how much Batman the Joker origin film is planning to include, but tapping into its bank-robbing genius elements could add meat to the story.

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