Jurassic World: 5 Reasons Bryce Dallas Howard Will Make An Awesome Lead

Bryce Bonus A fourth Jurassic Park has always seemed inevitable. All three previous Jurassic Park movies were box office hits including the third chapter. As a kid growing to love movies, I remember Steven Spielberg's first two Jurassic Park films being some of the first movies to really transport my mind to another place and make me connect with and believe in and fantasy that seemed all too real. The franchise thrives on bringing the dinosaurs of the past to life to haunt and scare the people of today. It's a gimmick that has worked time and time again and will continue to work no matter who the actor is running from a tyrannosaurus rex or other hybrid clone of dinosaur DNA. That being said, with a new Jurassic Park film hitting theaters on June 12th, 2015, it is good to know a talented actress like Bryce Dallas Howard will have at least one of the lead roles in the movie. The franchise has been cold for a good decade or so and a talented actress ready to break out at any moment like Howard could be just what the franchise needs to be reintroduced to audiences around the world. Here's five reasons Bryce Dallas Howard will make an awesome lead in Jurassic World.

5. Bryce Dallas Howard Is Waiting For A Breakout Role

Terminator Salvation 4 Bryce Dallas Howard has a very impressive resume. Her acting credits include a couple Twilight films, the Clint Eastwood directed Hereafter, Spider-Man 3, The Help and Lady in the Water from M. Night Shyamalan. She's had her fair share of blockbusters, duds and heavy roles, but what Howard seems to be waiting for is a true breakout role. Most of her screen time has amounted to bit supporting roles or big roles in lesser features (The Village). She's proven she can hold her own in a lot of different fare, all she's ever needed is the right role. Jurassic World could be that role. Bryce Dallas Howard will be headlining a top tier franchise and she'll have the chance to show mass audiences what she can do with a lot of screen time and the right material. She has the dramatic chops, the right superstar look and experience. What Jurassic World will present is an opportunity for her to become the next kickass female actress for little girls to root for and young men to fawn over. Knowing this is her big shot to prove she's got what it takes and to standout will only make Jurassic World that much better of a film and make her that much more awesome of a lead.

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