Justice League: 10 Villains We Definitely Won't See

Mr Bones The DC Universe has given us some of the greatest characters in comic book history, including the DC Trinity: Batman. Superman. Wonder Woman. That glorious triumvirate represents the core of Warner Bros. planned Justice League movie. While details remain slim, comic fans everywhere have begun speculation on which characters should be involved in the DC Comics epic. Well, here at WhatCulture, we€™re just as excited to talk about what shouldn€™t. Let€™s take a look at ten DC villains that hopefully won€™t be involved in the Justice League movie.

10. Shaggy Man

Shaggy ManWho? An amalgam of synthetic human tissue substitute and salamander genetic material that is somehow covered in hair. Bigfoot. He€™s basically Bigfoot. Why We Won't See Him... The original Shaggy Man has such a profoundly stupid origin story that I refused to believe it can be saved. Accidentally created by Dr. Andrew Zagarian, Shaggy Man did what all newly sentient monsters do: he broke free and went on a rampage. The Justice League was brought in to take him down, but Shaggy Man€™s salamander genetics allowed him to heal almost instantly. While the rest of the league battled a mindless smushing machine, The Flash conceived and implemented a plan to help Dr. Zagarian create a second Shaggy Man to fight the first one. Think about how profoundly stupid that is. You are literally powerless to stop giant rage-creature and your immediate response was to make a second one? Also, Dr. Zagarian accidentally created Shaggy Man. The variables involved in creating a new life form can€™t be so easily repeatable, especially when that wasn€™t the intent of the experiment in the first place.

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