Justice League: 10 Ways Joss Whedon Could Change It

Is Joss Whedon the DCEU's newly-minted Godfather?

Justice League Avengers
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With the recent announcement that Zack Snyder will be stepping away from final reshoots and post-production on Justice League to deal with a family tragedy, Joss Whedon has graciously stepped in to finish the movie off ahead of its November release.

This has naturally caused fans to speculate on just how much influence Whedon can have over the end product, with him reportedly having been helping Snyder behind-the-scenes prior to his exit, and now being tasked with getting the film to the finish line.

There's the obvious hope that Whedon's experience in the superhero movie arena will allow him to tighten up Snyder's historically divisive work, though some are also naturally concerned that two distinctly different filmmakers working on the same project could give it a schizophrenic style and tone.

Though Warner Bros. insist that Whedon is working from Snyder's original style, there are still a number of ways that Whedon's own sensibilities can, consciously or not, change the end product...


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