Justice League: 10 Ways Zack Snyder's Cut Could Set Up A New DCEU

9. Green Lantern's HBO Max Series

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The theatrical cut of Justice League included a Green Lantern Easter Egg, though it's been reported that the Emerald Knight who appeared during that early battle against Steppenwolf (Darkseid in Snyder's version) will have a larger role. There are even rumours out there that Ryan Reynolds is in early talks with Warner Bros. to return as Hal Jordan for a cameo appearance of some sort.

Time will tell on that front, but if Snyder is given the chance to introduce a Green Lantern (for years now, it's been said that his Justice League was supposed to end with a human Lantern crashing to Earth to warn about Darkseid's impending invasion), then that character's story could continue on HBO Max.

The Green Lantern Corps movie appears to be stuck in development hell - it was originally given a release date of June 19th...this year - but this Green Lantern TV shown on the streaming service is moving along nicely, and could easily incorporate ideas from Snyder's cut of Justice League.


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