Justice League Begins Casting!

Casting begins in New York for George Miller's Justice League

Check out our JUSTICE LEAGUE news page for the very latest updates. At last, AT LAST, some concrete news on the Justice League (hands up who was sick of the constant rumours). Warner Bros have hired casting directors Susan Shopmaker (The Holiday, Mean Girls), Michelle Allen (TV's sadly cancelled Dead Like Me) and RDC Casting (The Shipping News) in New York, Vancouver and Toronto, respecitively, to cast the Justice League movie. Confirmation comes via industry audition site Showfax who have multiple roles up for grabs. None of them specify which parts they are, they're mainly tagged as "Male/Female Option #1, #2" etc (which I guess means they are small roles or there to hide the names of the characters from online snoopers). Anyone with a subscription to that site can download those sides and read portions of the film's script. Of course, we at OWF would not object at all if anyone wanted to get those sides and email them to us! This is purely speculation, but with calls going out to three cities already (with more to come, I'm sure), this probably means that George Miller is looking to find several unknowns or up and coming actors for the film. If sides for the part of Superman aren't going out then the Tom Welling rumours could well be true. The locations of these auditions are also interesting; initially they are taking place in two Canadian cities but in only one in the US. Could this suggest Warners are looking to shoot the movie up in Canada?

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