Justice League Film: 7 Awesome Potential Villain Choices

The notion of a film of the Justice League of America is generating a lot of excitement, so I thought I€™d think about one important factor of this film, if it arrives at the cinema. What villains are so dangerous and powerful that not even Superman can stop them on his own? (Just having a lump of Kryptonite on them, is not going to cut it.) So in this article I€™ve tried to think of enemies that would pose a threat to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Flash. Those are the four most likely to be in the script as a given. Green Lantern may have too many bad memories attached to him. The Martian Manhunter could be removed as Hollywood might believe after John Carter that anything referring to Mars is a kiss of death. As Green Arrow is getting his own TV series, they may not want him in the film, to avoid confusion. So they may well go and find other characters to fill out the ranks. Anyway, who could challenge the super-friends?

7. Darkseid

The main force of evil in the DC Comics Universe, the lord of Apokolips. Searching for the Anti-Life Equation, which when found and cracked, can end all hope and free will. Powerful enough to go head to head with Superman on his own and with a whole planet population devoted to pain, war and evil as his troops. While this does seem like the most obvious choice, there is the problem that the Avengers already had an alien army invading earth. Also there is the worry that people would get confused with the villain lined up for Avengers 2, Thanos (the one smiling in the end credits of the first film). Neither character is a copy of the other. There may be some similarities in appearance, but they have different motivations and backstories. Still this worry might be pervading some executives

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