Justice League Movie: 8 Actors Who Must Be Cast

Casting DC's showpiece.

JLA Justice League is now one of the most talked about movies in cinema today, and it is an inevitability. The Avengers was a massive success so without a doubt we know a Justice League movie is going to happen. This film needs to happen, since Batman and Superman now seem to be the only franchises that DC can adapt for the big screen (we won't mention Batman and Robin) or indeed have any interest in adapting. What about fan favourites like The Flash? What about the movie Green Lantern deserves but did not receive? Those movies may come later, if a mooted JLA movie is a success, but casting them at this stage is an important step in ensuring an enduring DC movie legacy beyond the two key properties. With the recent report that this year's Man of Steel is going to lead the way for Justice League, the time is once more upon us to cast the movie, including the rumoured villain, Darkseid.

8. Henry Cavill As Superman


By the looks of the Man of Steel trailers, this actor looks like he is going to kill it as Superman. I could be wrong, but from what I can see, I am psyched to see him don the big 'S' in the movie. He has the look, the body and the charisma to pull off the role of The Justice League's most powerful superhero. Let's hope that Man of Steel is a hit and that Warner Brothers keep Cavill on as Superman for the DC Cinematic Universe. While I have not seen him in much since Immortals, Cavill seems to be the right choice for one reason, Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan want him. Surely, that should be enough reason to keep this Brit on as Superman. However if the movie fails (in the unlikely event) or in the event that Henry Cavill does not want to reprise his role in the 'Justice League' movie, then I think that White Collar actor Matt Bomer would be a fine replacement.

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