Justice League Movie: 8 Actors Who Must Be Cast

7. Christian Bale As Batman


Like they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Let's hope that Christian Bale will come back to the franchise instead of seeing another actor fill the role. The reason behind this is that no matter who that actor is, fans will just moan about how Christian Bale was so much better, and his portrayal of The Dark Knight was just spot on. And if fans aren't happy, they will not pay to see the movie and watch it by other means, therefore hurting the box office Justice League could bring in, The Dark Knight Rises is now the 7th highest grossing film of all time, and with Christian Bale coming back, it would make a lot of people happy and bring in alot of money for the studio to tackle its rival The Avengers. Bale is like Robert Downey Jr., no one can quite fit the role the way that he can. And can you honestly say Bale sucked in the role at this point? Also think about it, the first Iron Man movie was meant to have a more realistic tone, and it started off The Avengers, so why can't they just bring Bale back for the same story trajectory for JLA? If Christian Bale isn't cast however, Karl Urban would be a fine Dark Knight judging by his performance in Dredd.

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