Justice League Movie Recast: 10 Fantasy Castings

We won't have Batfleck forever if Justice League bombs...

Justice League
Warner Bros.

It’s a sad fact that many comic book fans, even the hardcore DC crowd, have resigned themselves to the fact that the Justice League movie won’t be as good as they want it to be.

At this point it’s not longer that crazy an idea. The three DC films that have been released have made plenty of cash but have been critical disasters.

So what if it does bomb? And not in the ‘it didn’t quite make 2.5x what it costs to make’ way. What if Justice League bombs so hard it takes down everyone involved down with it. As big as Warner Bros are I can’t imagine them betting the success of their next ten summer blockbusters on a series of films that people unequivocally don’t want to see.

Let’s play pretend and say that Warner Bros gives it five years and starts again. Who would be cast in the Justice League Rebooted?


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