Justice League Movie Recast: 10 Fantasy Castings

10. Ryan Gosling As Green Arrow


Who do you cast as the DC universe’s Tony Stark? Someone who can brood the hell out of a scene but turn that on his head the minute a pretty girl walks by.

Ryan Gosling can do hilarious and upbeat as the recent La La Land proved. He’s a likeable guy who has no problem playing to a crowd, even if it means upstaging people like Bruce Wayne. Who wouldn’t want to see those two try and out ‘party boy’ each other. But on the flip side Ryan Gosling is equally well equipped at playing brutal. Just watch any film he’s been in directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.

Give that man a mask and a bow and watch him light up as a supporting member of the Justice League. The New 52 Justice League had a whole side plot of Green Arrow trying and failing to join by thwarting a whole series of high profile crimes. There’s a side plot right there.


80% David Brent / 20% Def Jam. Does whatever a spider can.