Justice League Snyder Cut: 10 Major New Details You Need To Know

9. It Could Be A Movie Or Limited Series

Justice League Snyder Cut
Warner Bros.

There's been a lot of speculation about the state of the "Snyder Cut." Is it a completely finished movie or just pieces of one? The answer is somewhere in-between, as post-production work never took place, and one person who has seen it describes the movie as "a car with no panels, just a drivetrain and some seats."

After screening his roughly assembled version of Justice League in black and white to a number of Warner Bros. executives (including Emmerich, DC Films boss Walter Hamada, and DC's Jim Lee), Snyder suggested a number of approaches they could take, including a lengthy four-hour Director's Cut and a six-part limited series with an episodic format and cliffhanger endings.

Right now, no decision has been made about Justice League's final form, but either one of these possibilities are exciting. Given where it will ultimately premiere, however, a weekly episodic series could be the smartest move for Warner Bros...


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