Justice League Snyder Cut: 10 Reasons It Could Be A TERRIBLE Idea

9. It Could Have A Huge Impact On The Entire DCEU

Zack Snyder's Justice League
Warner Bros.

The initial failure of Justice League led to Warner Bros. and DC drawing a definitive line under Zack Snyder's time at the helm of the interconnected comic book franchise, and the resulting shift in creative direction has seen the DCEU firmly establish itself as a viable alternative to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A lot of plot threads and characters involved in Justice League have either been rebooted, quietly swept under the rug or abandoned entirely, but the news that the Snyder Cut is finally happening has only raised more questions about the future of the wider DC universe.

Obviously the major question is if it will be regarded as official canon or not, which could end up having a knock-on effect towards the likes of Aquaman 2 or The Flash's long-gestating solo movie that are still in the early stages of development.

Henry Cavill's future as Superman is also plagued with uncertainty, and if the Snyder Cut gives him a more important and satisfying arc than the one he played in the theatrical release then the studio could realistically find that the fans turn their attention towards trying to will a Man of Steel sequel into existence.

Having spent the last several years softly rebooting Snyder's contributions to the DCEU, the release of the Snyder Cut will only revive interest in his originals plans for the franchise and while it likely won't result in a campaign to resurrect Cyborg's standalone outing, it could nonetheless potentially overshadow WB's concerted effort to usher in a new era for their roster of superheroes.

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