Justice League Snyder Cut: 10 Reasons It Could Be A TERRIBLE Idea

10. It Pushed The Cost Of The Justice League Saga To Over $500m

Warner Bros.

Given that Zack Snyder has been pretty vocal in the past about how little of his footage made it into the theatrical release of Justice League, the official announcement of the Snyder Cut has led to reports that it could cost between $20m and $30m to get the movie to where the filmmaker originally intended it to be.

With a huge amount of visual effects work, a lengthy re-editing process, the addition of new music and possibly even some additional scenes being shot, that seems like a fairly conservative estimate. Even if the budget for the Snyder Cut comes in at the low end of projections, that still means the entire Justice League debacle will have cost Warner Bros. at least half a billion dollars.

After sinking a minimum of $300m into the production so that Joss Whedon could get it over the finishing line with some extensive reshoots and then splurging a further $150m on marketing, the studio seem strangely happy to continue plowing vast sums of money into a movie that originally wrapped almost four years ago.

Justice League never turned a profit in the first place, and ultimately made a loss of up to $100m. Given that the Snyder Cut will also be require a hefty marketing budget in order to capitalize on the buzz, it seems more than a little excessive to spend a combined total of over $500m on two versions of the same movie.

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