Justice League Zack Snyder Cut: 10 Amazing Additions That Delivered Everything It Promised

A truly fantastic Snyder Cut proves how absolutely flawed the theatrical release truly was.

Justice League Superman Henry Cavill
Warner Bros.

The Snyder Cut is finally here and with it come a world of improvements. When a family tragedy forced Zack Snyder to take a leave of absence, Joss Whedon was brought in to finish the film. This led to a copious amount of re-shoots and re-writes that left the theatrical release of Justice League feeling like a hollowed out shell of what could have been.

Now, three years later, Zack Snyder's original vision for the film has been brought to life and it's better than we could have hoped.

With almost double the runtime and a hard "R" rating, Zack Snyder's justice league not only delivers on the promises he made to fans about what his original vision for the project was, but also adds credence and weight to the Nightmare World that Bruce Wayne has a vision of in Batman Vs. Superman.

The Snyder cut also allows for backstory and character development that was sorely lacking from the theatrical release. This makes the Snyder cut feel much more fleshed out and allows the audience time to truly understand the characters as well as give the film the opportunity to build on and deliver some truly incredible emotional payoffs.

Spoilers Ahead.

10. A Director's Vision

Justice League Superman Henry Cavill
Warner Bros./DC

Going all the way back to 300 and Watchmen, one thing is abundantly clear; Zack Snyder knows how to frame and shoot a comic book/graphic novel based movie. His ability to take still images and bring them to life is unmatched and allows for each shot to feel like the viewer is truly seeing the panels brought to life.

The Snyder Cut of Justice League is no exception. The director's use of lighting, slow motion, and set design, pairs masterfully with the comic style aesthetic as he knows exactly how long to hold on a shot to make it feel like a living image from a graphic novel. Viewers could pause the movie at almost any moment and be met with an image that is either taken directly from a page, or might as well have been.

Zack Snyder is even able to apply this to his action scenes. While most comic movies use slow-mo or zoom to accentuate a particular shot, Zack Snyder uses it constantly and is able to keep the action focused and allow the audience time to fully take in what is happening and appreciate the action for what it truly is.


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